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This is a community to unite those who share enthusiasm and appreciation of the animation film and television production format as a whole, encompassing all its many diverse forms, techniques, styles, countries of production, and genres. It is a community wherein discussion will take place of both the technical, visual aesthetic aspects of animation and animation techniques, as well as the meat and bones of quality animated programming and cinema: its unique storytelling abilities and ways of conveying messages and evoking emotions, even occasionally provoking thoughts and inspiring hearts and minds alike.

Discussion of the history of animation and key points and breakthroughs in animation’s development as well as in its foray into the mainstream is also encouraged, as it may result in helping both fans and newcomers alike to gain better understanding of and insight into what makes animation such an important and in some regards necessary art and media form, one that is every bit as artistically valid and deserving of respect as the much more widely accepted live-action format.
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